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Precise and specialized. Analytical and solution-oriented. Quick, clear and thorough. That is how we assist innovative companies, often with a focus on retail, fashion and lifestyle. From the very first moment on we are clear about costs, risks and opportunities. That’s BRight.

Advocates of the modern legal profession
Innovation and sustainability are indispensable elements of today’s economy. Products are renewed and copied constantly. As a result, every company needs to stay on its toes. And that’s where BRight comes in. As a legal counsel, business partner or by your side in court proceedings.

A healthy and efficient business management requires sound legal advice. You can find our areas of expertise to the right.

BRight Attorneys-at-law is proud to be part of the top IE-law firms in The Netherlands. Our lawyers are experts in the field of Intellectual Property Law and have vast experience with cases for leading (innovative) companies.

Innovation suits us. The approach we stand for fits seamlessly into the modern legal profession. A legal profession in which you get clarity about the costs, potential risks and opportunities from the start. And a profession where close involvement, co-management and reaching the best goals are what counts. Such a genuine connection creates an additional value in the cooperation with our clients. Again and again our clients have shown to identify with this bright approach.

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Our areas of expertise

Trademark law

Tradename law

Copyright and Design rights

Commercial contracts

Media and Advertising

Privacy law

E-commerce and Internet

IT & Technology